Tech Tips

A: An absolutely clean surface is the key to any good application. Rapid Tac Products were created for this reason.
A: We recommend using domestic paper towels. Shop rags are great for wiping a great deal of things like oil, tire dressing off of tires, cleaning engine parts, auto detailing, etc. All of these oils, waxes, and silicone contaminants can become "trapped" in the rags, and when cleaned by a commercial linen services your shop rags will come back with contaminants from other businesses. There is NO way to ensure that you are getting rags back that are free of these contaminants. Stick with the cheap paper towels, and you will have substantially more consistent applications.
A: No. Rapid Tac and Rapid Tac II are both cleaners as well as application fluids. If you are concerned that wax, or silicone or oil may be present, then clean once with Rapid Prep.
A: No, use the "cheap" grocery store kitchen paper towels (they do not contain chemicals). Q: What about paper towels marked "Super Absorbent" or " Absorbent Pockets"? A: No, they also may contain chemicals that will contaminate your application surface, cause bonding problems, and failure.
A: No. Glass cleaners can contain ammonia, silicone, and other chemicals that not only degrade vinyl, but will also contaminate your application surface and cause bonding problems.
A: The two most common problems associated with glass applications are surface preparation (cleaning) and transfer tape. You must first (as the instructions on each bottle read) clean the surface twice with Rapid Tac or Rapid Tac II, and cheap paper towels. Second, you must NOT use "High Tac" application tape on non premium-cast vinyl. Low Tac or Mid Tac is what should be used on wet glass applications.