Pre-Cleaner and Surface Prep

Rapid Prep


Safe and super effective "deep cleaning" water base solvent, works in one minute to lift silicone, wax, polymer, grease, nicotine, etc. from the surface.

Rapid Prep - Wax, Silicone and Grease Remover

A Non-hazardous, Non-Flammable Pre-Cleaner.

Preparation is the key to success. With an ever growing need for a safer workplace, we developed a pre cleaner that not only works great, but is safe to use. Gone are the days of using flammable and hazardous chemicals to pre-clean with. Wax, grease, oil and silicone residues are the number one reason for both paint and film application failures. Rapid Prep easily and safely eliminates these and other contaminants ensuring a successful paint or film application, and a happy customer. Ideal for pre cleaning almost any surface including automobile paint, bare metals, sign materials and glass, Rapid Prep was formulated by people with hands on experience and a desire to make a safer more effective pre-cleaner.

STEP 1. Spray liberally on surface to be cleaned.

STEP 2. Using a plain white household paper towell, thoroughly wipe surface from center outward until dry.

STEP 3. Repeat step 2

STEP 4: Now you must clean surface again with Rapid Tac or Rapid Tac II, to remove residues of Rapid Prep                and its silicone,grease,etc. contaminants


How about saving some more labor hours? When removing signs, stripes and graphics Rapid Remover is a guaranteed labor-saving product. Most people in shops are using lacquer thinner, MEK, acetone, paint stripper, grinders, etc., all of which are hazardous products. Start by using a heat lamp tree to soften vinyl and after peeling off vinyl you will have the adhesive to deal with.

Now you must clean surface again by applying Rapid Tac or Rapid Tac II, to remove residues of Rapid Prep and its silicone,grease,etc. contaminants